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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank you Navy Seals and your dedicated riflemen-

“We pay a lot for their training,” Gortney said of the snipers. “We got a good return on their investment tonight.”

We got our American ship captain back from the Somali pirates. The pirates criminals are vowing to have their revenge on US and French shipping but I suspect our US Navy has figured out a better solution than these jackasses.

Here's my suggestion, for a start: put the satellites up there and let them watch for big boats towing multiple fast runner boats behind, anywhere off the coast of Somalia. Consider these boats as de facto "mother ships" with pirates on board and use our very capable drones to shoot missiles through them. Repeat as often as possible. Let these pirates get the idea that no bit of water is safe from our capable eyes and missiles from the sky.

Kill them all. Make it too hard for them to operate. Give our Seals plenty of hunting opportunities. That's my idea, anyway.

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